Alex T. Gibson

Alex Gibson

Alex Gibson

This is Alex Gibson.      




He is not THE ALEX T. GIBSON who co-authored this book. 

The Alex Gibson pictured is a fitness guru.

None of the three of us made the list of Ada County’s Hottest Mugshots.

We can’t find our great cellmate, Alex Gibson.  We hope he is okay and happy. 

Gibson is extremely intelligent and a loving father. Like, Hooker, he enjoys alcoholic beverages too much.

He had too much to drink one night, and he knew he shouldn’t drive home.  He wasn’t far from where he worked, so he drove to Maaco and parked in their lot.  He fell asleep at the wheel, and hours later, he was arrested for DUI.  He wasn’t driving.

Gibson did not contribute as many stories to the book in written form, but he was there offering ideas and constructive criticism all the time.  He was invaluable.  I consider Chapter 33 to be one of the funniest chapters in the book.  Please read it, but don’t be drinking anything at the time as you might spit it out from laughing so hard.

We do not believe Gibson is related to Mel Gibson, but we can’t be sure.


Bob Barker & Me: Life in Cell Block 7 is a new non-fiction book written by three unlikely cellmates in Cell Block 7 in the Ada County Idaho Jail. William M. Windsor, Joshua P. Hooker, and Alex T. Gibson had never met, came from totally different walks of life and generations, but they became fast friends and wrote as they spent 35 days together in a 240-square-foot cell in what amounted to maximum security in jail in Boise Idaho!

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