Bob Barker And Me – Life in Cell block 7 has now been Published

Bob Barker And Me - Life in Cell block 7 has now been published.
The proof copies were received at 2:15 p.m. on September 26, 2023. I immediately approved it for sale.
Bob Barker And Me - Life in Cell Block 7 Published
Buy this book. It is a combination of funny, legally important, and nasty.

Dedications from Bob Barker And Me

For everyone who has ever been locked up.

For everyone who has not yet been locked up.

For all the locker-uppers.

For our one or two friends and family members who didn’t disown us.


And to our jail friends, including Miss Connie, Carlos Amador aka Paradise, Zachary Anderson, Cody Barnes, James Boyette aka The Boxer, David Bradshaw, Steven Calder aka The Enforcer, Lejonathan Cox, Greg Deloach, Cristoval Diaz, Brian Eaton, Michael Finch, Julian Fira, Donald Ford, Francisco Garcia, Justin Garcia aka Houston, Arcadio Garza, Michael Gonzales, Lonnie Hall, Michael Harvey, Robert Holland, Chris Horn, Robert Jack, Aaron Jones aka AJ or Lover Boy, Zackery Jones aka Locker, Greg Mason, Billy Mizer, Faustino Montemayor aka Claxton, James Myers aka Cellie, Heath Neitzel, Nicholas Parker, Eugenio Pena aka The Barber, Lonny Ramirez, Matthew Rauen, Bobby Rhodes aka Tank Boss, Benton Skelton, Louis Stocker aka Organized, Amber Vanderzwart, Gustavo Villanueva, Hector Villanueva, Zach,  Robert Davidson aka Jake.  This does not include those who had been released or sent to The Big House, including Jacob Aparicio, Justin Johnston, John Florence, Jamie Ellis, Jordan Brittain, De’Juan Wilson, Aaron Drake, Terrance Marion, Drake Hernandez, Lawrence Murley, Scotty Stewart, Randall Billups, Deputy Thompson, Brian Bain, Dwayne Coble, Cody Willard, John Failing, Ignacio Galvan, TJ, Julian, Maddie, Pogo, Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock, Tyler, Peeps, Lawless America, John Eric Armstrong, AAA Bail Bonds.


The Authors also wish to thank Mark Cuyler, Theresa Cuyler, Kelly Holland Bingaman, Marcia Hester, Flonell Ingram, June Bennett, Teena Colebrook, Bruce Shellenberger, JoAnn Breitling, Writi Dutta, Robert Gettinger, Anita Gail Wade, KD, Rebecca Florence McLaughlin, Billy Shrout, Laura Shrout, Wendy Harper, Dana Holinko, Matt Terwilliger, Dakota, Al Kovacs, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo Bank Leesburg Florida Branch, Jessica Diaz, Jerome Wilt, Sherrie Ross, John Eric Armstrong, Barbara Cochran, Dale Cochran, Marcy Scheidler, Bill Scheidler, Tom Kibler, Wanda Dutschmann, Marcie Schreck, Hunter Tyler Schreck, Dr. Alan D. Newman, Dr. Stephanie McRae, Julie Voiselle, First Baptist Church of Leesburg, David Ramos, Janelle Ramos, Little David Ramos, Cory Roberson, Wendi Robinson, Marina Ross,  Jerry Hepperle, Marci Curry, Michael Garrett, Jennifer Garrett, Deanna Day, Microsoft, Adobe, Walker Trailer Sales, Camper’s Inn, Walmart, Publix, Aldi, Sam’s, Stacey Sams, Humana Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Amazon, Centerwell Pharmacy, Great Clips, Kristine Great, Federal Express, U.S. Postal Service, U-Haul, Autozone, Napa. AT&T, Verizon, Mobile Must Have, Texas Tech, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Carl Baldwin, Postal Annex, Jersey Mike’s, Olive Garden, Stavro’s Pizza, Chili’s, Dickey’s, Whataburger, Lyft, Goodwill, UPS Store, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Good Doctor, Karen Chandler, Raquel Riverside, Deana Day, Golden Nails, Dollar General, Theresa, Leisha Tringali, Victor Pendroza, Cami Braswell, May Simmons, Susan Estilow, Neva Stevenson, Rose Everett-Martin, Missy Byrd, May Simmons, Tom Kibler, Johnny Panko, Carol S. Streeter, Bruce Johnson, Greg Lawrence, KD, Sherry Ross, Irene Padilla, Greg Lawrence, Martha Simmonds, Sandy Payne, Hugh Akston, Jessie Dilbeck, Lainie Beck, Glen Gibellina, Nasty Johnny Taylor, David Marks, Alberta Rose Jones, Rosanne Marie, Andrew H. Pritchard, Alison Anderson, Karen Robinson, Brenda Bryant, Missy Byrd, FrancisStevens Connie, Mary Deneen, Alee Carrino, Bob Saunders, Katie Publix, and Jerry Senear.

I will update this with the Second Edition.

Bob Barker and Me – Life in Cell Block 7 is now for sale on Amazon.

Warning about Bob Barker and Me: Life in Cell Block 7

One of several unique aspects of this book is that it begins with a Warning.


This book is rated R for filthy, dirty language.  Children and Holy Rollers should not read it.

The word “fuck” is heard behind bars in almost every sentence. “Mother fucker” is used almost as much.  Shit, piss, damn, asshole, butt, dick, cunt and more are as important as pronouns in the wonderful world of prisoners.

Read on if you understand this reality and are at least 18-years-of-age or have been housed in a Fucking Juvenile Facility.

Otherwise, prepare your ad and off this baby on Ebay.

Bob Barker & Me: Life in Cell Block 7 is a new non-fiction book written by three unlikely cellmates in Cell Block 7 in the Ada County Idaho Jail

William M. Windsor, Joshua P. Hooker, and Alex T. Gibson had never met, came from totally different walks of life and generations, but they became fast friends and wrote as they spent 35 days together in a 240-square-foot cell in what amounted to maximum security in jail in Boise Idaho! Bob Barker & Me: Life in Cell Block 7 is now Available now on Amazon.