Warning about Bob Barker and Me: Life in Cell Block 7

One of several unique aspects of this book is that it begins with a Warning.


This book is rated R for filthy, dirty language.  Children and Holy Rollers should not read it.

The word “fuck” is heard behind bars in almost every sentence. “Mother fucker” is used almost as much.  Shit, piss, damn, asshole, butt, dick, cunt and more are as important as pronouns in the wonderful world of prisoners.

Read on if you understand this reality and are at least 18-years-of-age or have been housed in a Fucking Juvenile Facility.

Otherwise, prepare your ad and off this baby on Ebay.

Bob Barker & Me: Life in Cell Block 7 is a new non-fiction book written by three unlikely cellmates in Cell Block 7 in the Ada County Idaho Jail

William M. Windsor, Joshua P. Hooker, and Alex T. Gibson had never met, came from totally different walks of life and generations, but they became fast friends and wrote as they spent 35 days together in a 240-square-foot cell in what amounted to maximum security in jail in Boise Idaho! Bob Barker & Me: Life in Cell Block 7 is now Available now on Amazon.